Bearing appearance quality requirements


1.Bearing parts Bearing parts must be free of cracks, s […]

1.Bearing parts

Bearing parts must be free of cracks, sharp edges, burrs and rust.

The raceway must not have traces of the previous process.

The inner and outer rings and the working surface of the steel ball should be uniform, and no scratches or bumps

are allowed.

2, bearing parts coordination

Grinding pattern of bearing parts matching surface should be consistent

Spirals, chatter marks, yin and yang faces, and sanding marks are not allowed

Support marks and obvious measurement marks are not allowed

No bumps and obvious color differences are allowed.

3.Part surface

The surface of the part must not be oxidized.

Ferrule chamfer, inner and outer diameter, outer and inner diameter require brightening treatment.

4.Bearing rings

Bearing ring parts after pickling

There should be no burns on the work surface

There should be no burn marks visible on the mating surface without pickling and it will not affect the hardness


5, assembly chamfer

a. Assembly chamfer size and chamfer shape should comply with our product drawings.

b. The chamfered surface is free of rust and scratches.

6, steel ball

The appearance quality standards of steel balls shall meet the requirements of JB / T10861 standard.

7, cage

Appearance surface should be flat, smooth, no burrs, no bumps, no rust and obvious color difference

No appearance defects such as crush, bruise, deformation and trachoma are allowed.