Bearing function


In terms of its role, it should be support, that is, li […]

In terms of its role, it should be support, that is, literal interpretation is used for the bearing shaft, but this is only part of its function, and its essence is to be able to bear the radial load. It can also be understood that it is used to fix the shaft. Bearings are quick and easy to automate the selection. It is the fixed shaft that allows it to only rotate and control its axial and radial movement. If the motor has no bearings, it will not work at all. Because the shaft can move in any direction, and the motor requires the shaft to rotate only when it is working. In theory, it is impossible to realize the function of the transmission. In addition, the bearing will also affect the transmission. In order to reduce this effect, good lubrication must be achieved on the bearings of the high-speed shaft. Some bearings have been lubricated, called pre-lubricated bearings. Most bearings must have lubricating oil, which is responsible for not only increasing energy consumption due to friction at high speeds, but also horrifying is that it is easy to damage the bearings. The idea of ​​turning sliding friction into rolling friction is one-sided because there is something called a sliding bearing.


Lubrication of rolling bearings can reduce internal friction and wear of bearings, prevent burning; prolong their service life; discharge friction heat, cooling, prevent bearing overheating, prevent aging of lubricating oil itself, prevent foreign matter from invading into bearing, or prevent rust and corrosion The effect.