How to distinguish the authenticity of imported bearings?


 How to distinguish the authenticity of imported bearin […]

 How to distinguish the authenticity of imported bearings?

When selecting imported bearings, various factors should be considered comprehensively. At present, there are too many fake and shoddy imported bearings on the market. In the face of numerous counterfeit and shoddy products, how can we distinguish the authenticity of imported bearings?

First: Whether the outer packaging is clear: Under normal circumstances, the factory brand has its own special designer to design the outer packaging, and arrange the production conditions of the factory to produce, so the packaging is very clear from the line to the color block. Unambiguous. (There are also unique designs for the protection of their intellectual property rights on the packaging of some imported brands, which will be introduced in detail in the future.)

Second: Whether the steel printing is clear: brand words and labels will be printed on the bearing body. The font is very small, but most of the products produced by the factory use the stamping technology, and the type is pressed before the heat treatment, so the font is small, but the recess is deep and very clear. The fonts of counterfeit products are not only blurred, but because of the rough printing technology, the fonts float on the surface, and some can even be easily erased by hand.

Third: Is there any noise: hold the inner sleeve of the bearing with your left hand, and turn the outer sleeve with your right hand to make it rotate to hear if it has noise. Since most of the counterfeit products are out of production conditions and completely hand-worked, it is inevitable that impurities such as sand will be incorporated into the bearing body during the production process, so that noise will be generated when rotating. This is a big difference from a factory brand that strictly enforces production standards and operates with machines.

Fourth: Is there any turbid oil on the surface: this should be paid special attention when purchasing imported bearings. Since the current domestic anti-rust technology is not particularly good at home, it is easy to leave a thick oil trace when the bearing body is rust-proofed, and it is sticky and sticky on the hand, and the bearings imported from abroad are almost invisible. To the traces of anti-rust oil, it is particularly careful that the imported bearings smell a smell, and it is definitely anti-rust oil, just can't see it.

Fifth: Whether the chamfer is uniform: the so-called chamfer of the bearing, that is, the intersection of the horizontal surface and the vertical surface, the counterfeit bearing is unsatisfactory in the processing of these corners due to the limitation of production technology.

True and false bearings and high-proof bearings are mainly concentrated in several world brand bearings: SKF bearings, TIMKEN bearings, FAG, INA bearings, NSK, NTN, HRB bearings, LYZ bearings, ZWZ bearings, C&U bearings, and counterfeit bearings are installed in the machine. Afterwards, it is impossible to meet the performance requirements of the machine, which can easily lead to large-scale damage of peripheral machines, cause unplanned shutdowns, and cause financial losses to end users.