How to extend bearing life and / or performance?


I. Extend bearing life Lubrication is the key Choose th […]

I. Extend bearing life

Lubrication is the key

Choose the right lubrication system and high-quality lubricant.

The lubricant film separates the surfaces of the oil film that are in contact with each other due to the load and provides the necessary protection against corrosion and wear. Therefore, for all rotating or reciprocating parts, especially bearings and gears, the lubricant film cannot be lacked. In the case of splash lubrication or circulating lubrication systems, the oil film can also transfer heat.

Plants often suffer from unnecessary downtime and deteriorating equipment conditions due to improper lubrication. Inadequate oil supply can cause increased wear and temperature rise, resulting in excessive wear and / or early bearing failure and damage. Excessive lubrication, especially for high-speed equipment, will generate excessive heat due to oil agitation, chemical degradation of the lubricant, and damage to bearings.