Introduction to high temperature bearings


High temperature resistant bearings are bearings that a […]

High temperature resistant bearings are bearings that are resistant to high temperatures. There are many kinds of high temperature resistant bearings. Different types of bearings can be installed according to different needs and different environments.
What is a high temperature bearing

The materials used in the bearing are: engineering high temperature materials, bearing inner ring, bearing outer ring, bearing rolling body, cage, sealing ring are all engineering high temperature materials, (when the temperature exceeds 500 degrees, the full ball structure is mostly)
High temperature bearing material classification

ET grade 200℃ high temperature bearing, D(S)T grade 300℃ high temperature bearing, I(X)T grade 400℃ high temperature bearing, W(F)T grade 500℃ high temperature bearing, CT grade 600℃ high temperature bearing, QT grade 700 ℃ high temperature bearing, BT grade 800 ℃ high temperature bearing, C grade 800 ℃ ~ 1400 ℃ high temperature bearing

Advantages of high temperature bearings

1. Reduce total operating costs. The bearings are designed to maintain the radial clearance required for high temperature operation while ensuring that they are not stuck, even in the case of rapid cooling, to achieve the goal of extending service life

2, almost maintenance-free operation, the bearing is lubricated for life, no need to relubricate. Only variants without a dust cover require relubrication

3, excellent performance under severe conditions: hot conditions, dry environment, low speed

4. Reduce the impact on the environment

5, reduce the complexity of equipment design