To the exclusive innovative design process, open up advertising folders, C2M enterprise customization, factory direct sales.


To the special folder, more than 200 innovative standar […]

To the special folder, more than 200 innovative standard personalized function design, to meet the customization needs of various sub-sectors, improve quality, and break through the traditional industry sales model. The Internet has changed the business model, the big data of the Internet of Things, and the need for personalized customization will change the way traditional factories produce. Subverting and innovating the business model will ultimately lead to better products. To the ultimate goal of products, to expand the service area with the Internet, AI big data will also attract customers, innovative design based on the industry, deepen the vertical supply chain, become the leading factory in the industry, to grasp the new retail opportunities in the future.

The folder is driven by Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore. Become a billion-dollar life needs. With the improvement of living standards, the individualized demand for film animation and animation derivative products, corporate advertising and fine printing will be quantitative to qualitative change, and high-quality small-volume customization will replace the transparent blank product market. To specialize in high-quality products, with exquisite printing services, to meet the short, flat and fast product advertising needs of customers. The company has improved the vertical industrial chain of folders, from raw material production to terminal print. Fixtures, molds, and process technology are produced by Zhizhi, supporting more than 200 products to customize.