Purpose and method of bearing lubrication


For bearings, lubrication is an important issue that af […]

For bearings, lubrication is an important issue that affects its performance. The suitability of the lubricant or lubrication method will greatly affect the life of the bearing.

The role of lubrication is as follows:

1) Lubricate the parts of the bearing to reduce the frictional friction between the channel surface and the steel ball, the sliding friction of the steel ball and the retainer, and the sliding friction in the retainer and the channel guide surface.

2) Take away heat generated by internal friction inside the bearing and other heat from the outside to prevent heat generation of the bearing and deterioration of the lubricant

3) Make the rolling contact surface of the bearing often form an appropriate oil film, relieve the concentrated stress of the impact load and prolong the fatigue life of the bearing.

4) Prevent corrosion of steel balls, channels, retainers, and intrusion of garbage, foreign matter, and moisture, and rust and dustproof of bearings.