What are the anti-rust materials for bearings


Introduce commonly used anti-rust materials for bearing […]

Introduce commonly used anti-rust materials for bearings are oil (fat) film anti-rust oil, emulsified anti-rust oil and other anti-rust water agents, gas-phase anti-rust agent and gas-phase anti-rust oil.

Oil film anti-rust oil is also called anti-rust smooth dual-use oil. The user can install the machine without removing the anti-rust oil after removing the bearing packaging. Grease film anti-rust oil includes liquid anti-rust grease, solvent-diluted anti-rust oil, hot-coat petroleum anti-rust oil, etc. During this period, solvent-diluted anti-rust oil can be sprayed, which is convenient to use. Gas-phase anti-rust oil is to add gas-phase corrosion inhibitor to the smooth oil, which has two functions of rust prevention and smoothness, because the gas-phase corrosion inhibitor is to slowly transpiration the gas to block the atmosphere from touching the metal. Do not directly touch the metal, It is especially suitable for bearings with more open spaces and more grooves.