What is the difference between oil mist lubrication and cycle lubrication for stainless steel bearings?


Lubrication systems for stainless steel bearings are ge […]

Lubrication systems for stainless steel bearings are generally oil mist lubrication and circulating lubrication. For these two, many people may not be able to tell, and today we will introduce them to you.

The oil mist lubrication system of stainless steel bearings provides fine oil particles suspended in low-speed, low-pressure air. The oil particles are infiltrated with oil through the nozzle and in contact with the high speed running bearing components. The oil mist system can be used in bearings with higher performance because the equipment generates less heat.
Pressure oil delivery systems are more complex than oil mist lubrication systems. In a typical system, the lubricating oil is pumped from the main oil sump to the bearing, injected from the small end of the bearing, and the oil is automatically moved by the operation of the bearing, and slowly flows out from the big end.

Circulating lubricants increase the continuous and fixed flow rate, which increases heat dissipation and self-cleaning ability, and cleans up contaminants and particles that can wear the bearings. Installing a heat exchanger in the circulatory system allows the oil temperature to drop and increase the life of the lubricant. Filters can also be installed to clean particles that can cause bearing wear. Circulating lubricant systems can also be used for higher performance bearings, so in these cases heat dissipation and long-term lubricant life are important.